My practice is inspired by our complex, fragmented understanding of our bodies: the segmentation of somatic and psychological experience in western culture.


Driven by an interest in the relationship between body and mind, in 2014 I began researching the field of sensorimotor psychotherapy. This counseling modality addresses and integrates the role of the body in processing psychological trauma. Through my research I have developed a deep appreciation for the internal hierarchies and complex systems that mediate our well-being, a realization of interdependence I bring to my work.


Individual stories are translated into visual allegories in which healing and trauma hold space.


As I consider how the breadth of our experience is mediated through the senses, materials prove especially important. I integrate hand-made paper into the space of the drawing through tearing, layering, and embroidering into the fibers, a process that evokes surgical intervention. Engaging in these tactile movements allows for further contemplation of what it means to be embodied, to inhabit one's skin. I present this idea of an ever-shifting lived experience alongside our scientific understanding of the body’s parts.