My artistic practice is inspired by our complex understanding of the human body: its aesthetic beauty, its mechanistic functioning, and its inextricable connection to personal identity.

Driven by an interest in the relationship between physical and mental experience, in 2014 I began researching the field of sensorimotor psychotherapy. This counseling modality addresses and integrates the role of the body in processing psychological trauma. Through my research I have developed a deep appreciation for the internal hierarchies and complex systems that mediate well-being, an appreciation I strive to translate in my work.

Individual stories are translated into visual allegories in which healing and trauma hold space.

In discussing how human experience is mediated through the senses, materials prove especially important to my work. As I integrate hand-made paper and collage materials into my compositions through tearing, layering, and embroidering into the fibers, I find a rich analogy to the complexity and fibrous nature of our own bodies. Engaging in these tactile processes allows for further contemplation of what it means to be embodied. I present this idea of an ever-shifting lived experience alongside a scientific understanding of the body’s parts.